How I plan my lessons

School begins in earnest tomorrow with new staff induction. One of the special characteristics of being a teacher is the fresh start every year whereby you can renew your impetus for your work. I thought I would share how I set up my planning and markbooks. Write my weekly lessons into a Google Doc table … Continue reading How I plan my lessons

One more step

TL;DR: Dai has a barefoot adventure Being barefoot brings burden. You have to set your own rules. Some are die-hard – never a shoe in sight of sole. Never compromise. But that’s not my way. I wear my naked feet when I feel it’s okay. By default my choice is to be shoeless. But some … Continue reading One more step

Slavery in USA Prisons?

I have recently become aware of a shocking situation in American prisons that I felt compelled to check out and share. It’s complicated, and it makes me feel physically uncomfortable. When there are crazy reactions of banning American politicians on UK soil as an in-kind retaliation to his ill-informed, unsubstantiated claims, I am concerned that … Continue reading Slavery in USA Prisons?