An eCompetent tutor will…

An E-Competent tutor will not be a techie. They will be aware of the advantages of using a specific technology to communicate with their learners.

Any teacher has bag of tools they can dip into to vary the learning activities in their lessons. An eCompetent tutor will include various technology platforms and services that broaden this range of activities. Possibilities are endless and it is important that the tutor has an awareness of the implications of using a tool: how will they track progress? how will the pupil receive feedback?

Qualities of an eCompetent tutor should:

  • be willing to learn
  • have a desire to include technology in their classroom, understanding that it is an important part of life today and preparing tomorrow’s adults for tommorrow
  • be able to take a calculated risk, for example, enabling out-of-school communication between pupils is not always going to be straight-forward and the adult involved will need to monitor that communication is appropriate and fit for purpose and supervise accordingly
  • be resourceful enough to trouble-shoot basic problems and not to panic when something goes wrong
  • plan their work thoroughly
  • understand how to pick the right tool for the job
  • understand that collaboration of the type a wiki, for example, can provide, is new and must be learnt about before being used
  • understand that learning is enjoyable and things you enjoy are fun and therefore must be prepared for fun in their classroom
  • appreciate that technology complements existing classroom practice and does not replace it – they work together
  • that many classroom practices have been replicated by technology and can reach more individual pupils, e.g. mix and match activity, classroom voting systems
  • understand that the classroom is like the tardis when you introduce technology; it just gets bigger!
An eCompetent tutor will…

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