2009 eLearning Strategy 10 June 2009

2009 eLearning Strategy

Over the last week my eLearning Strategy has been approved.

Here’s a map of the three-pronged attack attempting to blend top-down and bottom-up approaches to further elearning throughout the school.

eLearning strategy 2009+
eLearning strategy 2009+

This was done in a bit of a hurry to make it in time for comments and approval by IT Management Group, Leadership Team and IT Strategy Committee before the Governors signed it off. Forgive imperfections. Please advise where you think appropriate.

The principle is not to be flash (there is a lot more that could go in here) but have three clear strands that everyone involved can relate to. The difficult bit is in green (NB: Bernard is the name of our Moodle VLE).

The green section proposes we ask/encourage/expect all Y7 teachers to upload some learning related content onto the Moodle site as they teach their lessons. The final decision on exactly what has not yet been made. I feel we need a clear benchmark, some guidance. This will firstly be discussed with HODs and bounce back through the relevant committees for agreement.

Not all possibilities are shown.

However, each week I hear of more and more schools struggling to implement their VLE as a *VLE* rather than a file repository. With home access to files and folders becoming standard in more schools, the tools to host files are many and a lot of them slicker than Moodle (aside: Moodle users will be familiar with the four pages you must click through to upload a single file? This is not dynamic and there is no fix coming in Moodle2.0. Personal frustration as this seems to earn Moodle the *clunky* tag). Therefore, I posit that anyone starting the VLE process sells it only on the basis of communal learning devices such as forums, glossaries, wikis, assignments, workshops, and not on the obvious selling points of replacing paper with 24/7 access.

However, I stray…

To keep you in the picture, we use lots of SIMS and MS Exchange email already well established. Currently being implemented are Sharepoint and SIMS Learning Gateway. Sharepoint is a tool I am looking forward to working with. We’re only getting it because it is required for SLG so no active investigation into functionality and performance has happened (lots of research is the norm I’m pleased to say). Therefore, I don’t know very much about it. That’s the Summer project. I know a few twitter users that blog who celebrate Sharepoint in schools, so lots to read.

Sitting in a meeting today I saw lots of holes in the strategy. Mainly surrounding training, and, that I might have missed a trick here. So, I have a question for anyone reading this if you can spare a few minutes:

Should I push for the Y7 teaching material on Moodle to be a requirement of one learning activity per class per unit of work? No documents. No web links. No replacing paper. Just plain and simple connectivity around a learning goal.


2009 eLearning Strategy 10 June 2009

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