Exam question in Moodle forum 03 April 2009

Exam question in Moodle forum

I set an 8 mark ICT question on a forum inside the course built for that A Level unit.

Students had 20 minutes to answer it.

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ICT in Education: 8 mark question
by Mr Barnes – Thursday, 2 April 2009, 02:14 PM
Describe four different issues that could arise with students using the internet for research rather than other sources.8 marks

I then started the remote control software so I could monitor their machines as they developed/wrote their answers.

Some wrote what they knew and then went to the Internet (ok by me – not a test).

I watched their progress. Their chatter faded away as they started concentrating on securing the 8 available marks.

As I spotted insufficient answers in one students work I would speak around the error to the whole class, never referring to an individual.

I guided and encouraged and praised the good things I saw and dismissed the inaccurate.

I set the forum to allow posts to be rated out of 8 so I could feedback later. In the interests of developing our exam technique I will be able to recall their comparative answers to see what language secures the marks and, more importantly, highlight the language that doesn’t quite make it despite talking about the right issue.

Most students were motivated by the approach. Two finished quickly and went off task. They were stopped and dealt with after the lesson.

sample of answers given in the forum by studentssample of answers given in the forum by students
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Exam question in Moodle forum 03 April 2009

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