After I managed to kill daibarnes.com wordpress blog (subscribers please be kind enough to find my new feed here) I set about thinking what I wanted to achieve with my website and blog.

my home page

1. Somewhere to find me online

2. For any seeker to know what I use and connect to it

3. To point people I work with (in school, online and elsewhere) to somewhere

4. To collate my work, whatever that may be

And so is born http://daibarnes.info

daibarnes.com as an URL never really floated my boat. I looked at a few things: daqibarnes.co.uk, daibarnes.me.uk, daibarnes.org. In the end it seemed all the others were something else. Not me. As a portal/splash/tag page I thought daibarnes.info had more mileage.

Then what to include??? Big question. Keep it simple but make it for the target audience. Who are they then?

Teachers. Educators. Consultants. Technicians.

What do they want? Well nothing in particular from me so it’s a matter of asking what might they like to see?

Clean and simple. Lot’s of white space.

Directional. Clear tags on everything.

Things they might recognise. Blog. Twitter. YouTube.

I created it using KompoZer, an open source WYSIWYG web editor akin to dreamweaver. Not the same as DW but worked okay and quite easy to work out what I needed to do what I wanted.

I haven’t done everything I want to yet.

1. It needs a photo of me (probably). I’d rather use one of my children (cos I like them and they are what I have been doing for more than ten years) but as a rule of thumb I don’t put them publicly on the web.

2. I am looking to write a teacher start site. This might be a collation of blog posts. It might be a website. It will be somewhere teachers can go who are interested in working online. Interested in the evidence that computers are a benefit to education (rather than just being told they are). Interested in finding straight forward info on using a tool in the classroom.

But where it is will do for now.


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