20/365 Social Media & Sky News

These three images are from 7pm Sky news, a special show highlighting web news. They rate the order of stories by the percentage of clicks on each item on the skynews.com website. An interesting and informative extra layer to the days news. The first image also shows an interviewee talking to the news room live via Skype (happy advertising pun for Sky & Skype?) about aid progress in Haiti.Sky are clearly trying to embrace social media and seem to be doing a good job. I wonder what the future holds for this approach in the mainstream news.

As I’m typing this the next feature is all about the Internet. Gates on Twitter, text-speak spoiling writing skills, gaming educating about genocide, councils banning Twitter and Facebook. Next up: most watched web video and why Manchester United are banning their players from using Twitter and Facebook because sports stars have been leaking information. Fans are being directed to the official website so the ‘office’ can manage the content.

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20/365 Social Media & Sky News

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