6 thoughts on “43/365 Charity Day (TeachMeet venue?)

  1. It seems like a great idea. There was a similar conference at the Science Leadership Academy in Pennsylvania, US called Educon that had a great reception. I am trying to run one in a library because there isn’t enough interest in my town alone and I wanted a more centralized location: http://teachmeetnashville.wikispaces.com. It can be a really great event; incorporating students can make it that much better and more real to the teachers involved. I wish you the best. Let me know if you need anything.

  2. Trav L Xpenses says:

    A good idea as ever. In our planning for Teachmeet there was some concern that some teachers may be a little overawed about visiting a secondary school but as long as it is treated as a large functioning space then I see no problem.

    I am personally more interested in (a) whether I might see some monks wondering about and (b) if we will get cakes to eat

  3. Access to public transport good? Good WiFi? Projectors/sound system(s)? Chairs and tables? Access to the space for set up?

    Looks like a good space – is it easy to get to from the outside world or do you have to wind through a maze of corridors to get there?

  4. A Very Good Idea, and not simply because it’s just round the North Circular from us…
    Plenty of the Home Team up for presenting? Not sure the cloisters are all that the name suggests though.

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