Teaching and Learning survey

At my school we decided some kind of benchmark was needed to measure pupil satisfaction with their education. I set about writing a teaching and learning survey. Not as easy as it first appeared.

I decided on Google Forms because they are so simple to construct and deliver.

This is finished now (at least for this year). The aim is to take a measurement that can be used for comparison in a years time, hopefully enabling some assessment of the impact of new ICT practices across the curriculum as they are implemented. Not a perfect model but you need to start somewhere and measure impact somehow. Any ideas on how to do this differently would be appreciated.

In the meantime, please feel free to borrow and adapt. No accreditation required. If you would like me to invite you to the Google Doc then DM me your email address and you will be able to make a copy.

To access the survey: http://bit.ly/2010stbenssurvey

The first few questions

Teaching and Learning survey

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