Perins School ICT development day – outstanding!

Gideon Williams, Director of ICT at Perins School, hosted a development day for ICT in his school involving all the key stakeholders from inside and outside the school:

Gideon (at the start, discusses what has and hasn’t happened from past planning)

Teachers (transforming learning – at 40 minutes, 1:1 notebook project at 2:14)

Pupils (about 2:40, well worth a watch)

Moodle hosts Synergy (Moodle, Mahara and building communities – starts at 00:16)

Local Authority (EduLive, what it provides and how it works – starts at 1:15)

Result is a quality day of CPD improving the shared vision with everybody seeing all the ideas for moving on and getting feedback on what already exists. I thoroughly recommend a watch of this honest insight into a school genuinely working hard to embed technology into the background of its learning practices.

Perins School ICT development day – outstanding!

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