Moodle training morning

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Three hours of an INSET day. Simple training morning to raise awareness of those who have not yet got to grips with the interactive VLE tool set.

100+ teachers.

09:00 – meet in hall for quick intro, see some teachers present their Moodle tools and break out into departments and ICT rooms across the school.

09:30 – sign into Moodle and access the staff training course built for the day with sample glossary, online assignments and hot potatoes quizzes for them to do as pupils. Content is general knowledge, favourite foods etc.

10:30 – break for coffee

10:50 – reconvene to choose and build one of the tools they tried out earlier. Paper guides will be provided but staff will be encouraged to use them online (Google presentation slides) and toggle between screens. [Guides: quizzes; glossaries; assignments]

12:00 – end

In the afternoon, teachers are being provided with 90 minutes to formally make the transition from ActivStudio to ActivInspire IWB software. The former stops being supported by Promethean in April and so will be uninstalled from our network. A good proportion of teachers have had a go already but I think it is important to give them some directed time to make this transition. This will hopefully be the case when we migrate to Windows 7 and MS Office 2010 over the summer. Transition resources are provided of course.

In the afternoon, teachers will be able to opt for a Moodle intermediates session whilst others are on the IWBs in their classrooms.

In the morning session, I will encourage teachers to try the quiz. USP is that it takes 30 minutes to create a self-marking quiz but an hour to mark a class set of the same quiz on paper (well after you’ve done it a couple of times anyway).

I am a big believer in allowing teachers to choose when they use technology in their teaching and learning. This session aims to secure their understanding of how simple it can be to use three tools. They are under no pressure to use them in the classroom. At the very least, everyone should be in a more informed position as to what technology can help them achieve.

If you have any thoughts on how to improve this model for the day please let me know. One thing I am concerned about is I have not included any HTML editor training and mastering the editor plays a significant part in loving online learning (images, videos, embeds). What do you think?

Moodle training morning

9 thoughts on “Moodle training morning

  1. Barbara Macfarlan says:

    I’m not sure that you need to use an HTML editor. In Moodle 2.0 it does the embed work for you. You just copy the YouTube link into your page and it automatically embeds. I have had success with other videos as well, they are embedded automatically.

    I have found that trying to teach using an embed code is very confusing for teachers just beginning with Moodle.

  2. GideonWilliams says:

    Good spread of activities and its only natural to start thinking about things you’ve left out and think they need. HTML editor is very useful but that’s when you are getting into course creation and lessons written straight to Moodle. This can wait especially as it might overload unfamiliar/unconfident staff. However, it might not do you any harm just to have a few things up your sleeve for those teachers who hopefully might – say, “you know Da, is it possible to have …..”

    For me, having some sort of follow up is critical and perhaps you might want to consider some sort of exit survey? One thing we tried at Perins to some success is to get staff to write on a post it at the end one thing they are going to do differently with an existing activity now they’ve seen moodle. Its important you catch the enthusiasm and build on it.. Look out for and then develop those teachers who surprise you in the sessions. Also try to get those who have already done some of what you mention to start talking to others. If the training/ideas/promotion is only coming from one person then it can be very frustrating.

    I could go on and on – its going to go well!

  3. GideonWilliams says:

    What have you got lined up for the intermediates session? Introduced our moodle training session with self assessment activities – have asked staff to do 4 tasks:

    Read what the feature does
    Try out the feature
    Make your own version of the feature
    Make comments on the feature on how you might now use it

    Have added an etherpad clone on the Moodle to allow staff to write comments – used Titan I believe. Chat soon….

  4. Thank you Barbara. You make a good point. We are not Moodle2.0 but 1.9 is good at auto embedding videos and attachments in forum posts etc. I guess it’s just images and the formatting restrictions that need a bit of instruction.

    Thanks to you as well Gideon. We have started designing a feedback survey. Thought I might use Moodle assignment or Google form to do it. But I like the post-it idea.

    Gribbit! 😉

  5. Now using blog comments as misfiring live chat – cheers Gid…

    Intermediate will be flexible in response to attendees wants but like the teach them to fish idea.

  6. kate says:

    I agree good spread of activities. Wondered about split of that amount of teachers across rooms. Will they be on own or with more experienced to help support?

    I have found most effective is always giving a very quick demo of how to do which matches the hardcopy (or electronic) instructions. Demo being 5 minutes max. I have found that teachers seem to have more problems following written instructions than students. (I think I had better change my name after writing this)

    I find the main thing is to keep it very simple and get them hooked in. HTML Editor etc – I take your point about whether to put in……..but again if you keep it simple and they go away with just one or even two things they can do successfully…they are more likely to use and then come back for more.

    Have you got instruction sheets already for Hot Potatoes already done. I have a simple one tried and tested with staff if you need one. Also an embed YouTube. Happy to share if you wish.

    Do tweet about how it goes.

    1. Thanks Kate.

      Would love a copy of your HP guide. Those I have made are linked to on the post.

      The teachers will be spread over six rooms with a support teacher or two in each and a couple of floating experts.

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