EdTechRoundUp is hanging out again

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Last Sunday evening a few education technologists joined a Google+ hangout to start the EdTechRoundUp ball rolling again.

EdTechRoundUp is a weekly online meeting of education technologists discussing any application or implication of the use of technology in education. The meetings were recorded, edited and distributed as podcasts for anyone that wanted to listen to the attendees insight into topical technology. The meetings tended to have two hosts, Doug Belshaw and me, but were open to anyone who wanted to join in and have a go. We used flashmeet to host the meetings which worked very well but is limited to 25 live attendees and sometimes we had more.

ETRU ceased operating for a while because Doug and I had other commitments and it takes time to keep the production on the road.

Well, now we are making a come back for the new academic year.

We kicked off with a Google+ hangout on Sunday. The hangout was soon full of interested participants and contributors. Amongst other things we discussed the best way to go forward. Vital were very kind to agree to set us up with elluminate (now re-branded as BlackBoard Collaborate) accounts so we may use that platform if appropriate. We are going to give it a try and see if it runs smoothly. NB: flashmeet was simple to use and quick to load, so may still feature in the meetings.

Tom hanging out on G+

Tom Barrett came up with a good idea (not his first but he’s getting old so thought I’d better credit him with it). We are going to try using Google+ hangouts three times a month to meet and chat about items of interest. These meetings will not be recorded (unless we find an easy way to do it) or distributed as podcasts. The fourth week we will use elluminate to host and record a more formal meeting and edit it into a podcast for iTunes etc.


If you are interested in having a chat about this before September, we will be meeting each Sunday evening at 20:00 GMT. Check my or Doug’s G+ stream to find the hangout and join us. See you there?


EdTechRoundUp is hanging out again

5 thoughts on “EdTechRoundUp is hanging out again

  1. Jill Duman says:

    This sounds great. I’m just about to start a new programme, Norfolk Cloud Educators, running from September with a group of 25 teachers. We’ve just rolled out Google Apps for Education to all our schools in the county – 132,000 accounts. So, I’ve got a real interest in the development of Google+
    Having only just got a + account, I’m struggling slightly, so any shared use would be fantastic! +jillduman or @norfolkTeachers:disqus 

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well a few of us who attend are Google Certified Teachers so would be able to help with some of the issues you might come across. Great to see such an ambitious roll out of GAFE. If G+ does come to GAFE then the possibilities would be huge with so many users connected across the authority. Exciting times ahead. 🙂

  2. Kate Sim says:

    I would be very interested in how you are going to convert the Elluminate session into a pod cast.  I didn’t know that was possible.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Kate. Yes we have to have a test run of this first. Eliminate records the session so we will probably have to capture the audio after the event as we did with flashmeet before. Then upload it to the Internet archives to make available at http://edtechroundup.com and iTunes.

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