Make way for the computer – Maths Curriculum research

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The JMC (Joint Mathematical Council of the UK) has published their research entitled ‘Digital technologies and mathematics education’, September 2011. Find the executive summary here and the full report here.

For me, the main finding in this research is, with my highlights:

6.7 With respect to the content of the new mathematics curriculum, it should include: • the specification of the knowledge and skills required to use digital technologies within mathematical modelling and problem solving activities across a range of subject areas; • student-led mathematical modelling and problem solving, which make use of the powerful mathematical digital technologies that are widely used in society and the workplace; • a component of computer programming, interpreted in the widest sense of creating and communicating a set of instructions to a computer for a clear purpose.

I discussed here how Maths might be the only way to quickly advance the experience of computing in UK schools. These recommendations mean it might, just might, become some sort of reality. At least it is being acknowledged on a national level by those who help shape the Maths curriculum. Maths already has over 10% of the timetable in our school.

Fingers crossed!

Make way for the computer – Maths Curriculum research

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