Frog: hiding your personal feed from prying eyes

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One of the great things about the Frog VLE is how it delivers personalised information to it’s users. A personal feed can be set up on the front page which lists all your activities and contributions and messages. However, for a teacher in particular – displaying their Frog feed on the IWB in a classroom – there may well be some banter or some messages to pupils that you do not wish to be publicly displayed. We hadn’t thought of this – we had addressed the issue of it displaying a teacher’s forename – but I saw James Shackley (@journeywithfrog) tweeted he had fixed it using a collapsible container frog brick.


One tweet later and here I am with a video guide on how to do it.


Frog: hiding your personal feed from prying eyes

2 thoughts on “Frog: hiding your personal feed from prying eyes

  1. daibarnes says:

    Having looked at this at school with a couple of champions, we are slightly concerned that the functionality will not be as successful as we hoped. When you click on your feed to activate a link on there, it goes back to the lock image (collapsed form). We are having the feed box redeveloped with an horizontal scroll bar. When that arrives, the question is when you left click and drag the scroll bar, will it activate the collapsed state of the container? I’ll update this when we give it a try.

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