ICT in Subjects: Lesson Planning and Learning Objectives

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The idea of team teaching with lots of my colleagues is intimidating. Daunting. Exciting (we have a lovely staff at Bennies). Sometimes there will be natural friendly banter and repartie, but at other times this won’t come so easily and the potential to offend someone is a risk. Some will be vulnerable, shy, nervous and maybe even unhappy to participate.

To minimise this potential, the lesson planning has to be clear and simple and awesome. So, I have started to address this on the planning site. An extract from the site:

What I like so far I found on James Michie’s blogpost on learning objectives. This engages in conversation with David Didau, the Learning Spy, who has written posts on Creativity, Analysis and Comparison, Using Learning Continuums, Zooming In and Zooming Out, and 40 Ways to Introduce Learning Objectives (now 50). I found these posts very helpful in focussing me on how I might set lessons out and provide access for all.

I really like the simple approach of setting a learning objective for the whole class but having differentiated learning activities for pupils to do. I’m looking to establish a format that I can use in every lesson, mirrored on the VLE, in all subjects. Something solid that people can rely on but can be used flexibly and creatively (not just *stuck* on the board at the beginning of the lesson).

These posts are a great read for any teacher. What I applied to my department needs to be re-thought and ready for the planning stages, accessible to pupils and teachers, and able to be taught by me or my fellow ICT teacher. I am short of time. If you know of any great articles or research that might help inform this structure and process, I would love to hear about them. Full credit will be given here and on the site. Comments welcome as ever.



ICT in Subjects: Lesson Planning and Learning Objectives

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