Marking work electronically in Frog


As part of ICT in Subjects, my department is working with the Music department to create scratch games and/or animations with music and sound effects composed in CuBase.

First lesson is to recreate the famous pong game in scratch. So, I set a Frog assignment (Quick Issue Work) to all five classes so 125 pupils could hand in their file to be scored out of 3 [0 = no file; 1 = struggled; 2 = complete with errors; 3 = complete] plus a comment.


Below is a video of the marking process of one file. Frog is not very good at this yet. I wonder if Frog4OS will be any better at this. Frog4 runs on any device because it is coded in HTML5, and so will remove limitations on usage – people expect a VLE to work properly on any device (maybe not handhelds) or in any modern browser. Frog3 is guaranteed to work only on Windows running IE.

The marking does work but there are a lot of clicks involved. In Moodle, all the grades and files and comments would be accessible from one page which makes the process much faster and allows easy copy and pasting of comments. Also, you cannot release (return to pupil) marks for pupils that have done their work before the deadline. I made a big mistake as shown in the video – knew it as I did it: d’oh! – by assigning the same assignment to all five classes. This means we will not to be able to release the marks until all pupils have submitted.

Anyway, if interested, watch the video and please let me know about your experiences of marking work in Frog3 or Frog4.


Marking work electronically in Frog

2 thoughts on “Marking work electronically in Frog

  1. Haldor L√łnningdal says:


    Is this something for your music department? I use this booklet with my 9th and 10th graders in Norway (I have made a norwegian version as well) and we used it to compse music for individual aerobics instructions which the students will then present for each other. The program Soundation can also be used for creating music or intros for video, for rap etc.
    Would be nice if someone abroad could test it out.

    1. daibarnes says:

      Hello Haldor, thanks for suggesting soundation. It looks good – – but we use CuBase at school. Soundation might be suitable for home use though. I’ll let my music department know about it. Any plans to get it working on Android?

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