This Is How I Work for Teachers

Inspired by a similar category of posts on LifeHacker (re-posted on Doug Belshaw’s excellent What I Learned This Week) and What’s In Your Bag on The Verge, I thought it might be an interesting idea to do a version of this for teachers. So, I started off with questions asked by LifeHacker and added a few more teaching specific questions that might interest readers. There is an emphasis on technology but all tips and tricks learned are welcome to share with whomever might sign up for a weekly update. For now, these posts will be a category on my blog which you can subscribe to without my other posts should you wish to. If the posts are well received it may be moved elsewhere.

The first post is by Nick Dennis who recently organised the fabulous Teaching, Learning & Assessment conference at his school, Berkhamsted.


This Is How I Work for Teachers

2 thoughts on “This Is How I Work for Teachers

  1. Lois Lindemann @MoreThanMaths says:

    Dai, I think this a brilliant idea.

    I really enjoy the Lifehacker How I Work posts, there’s always something interesting or an idea worth sharing, so I’m looking forward to reading your teacher versions.

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