Google Teacher Academy London 2014

GTA London October 27th & 28th 2014

I am really chuffed to become a Google Teacher Academy Mentor for GTA London (October) 2014. There is an excellent team of Mentors on board, whom I’m very much looking forward to working with over the next six months and beyond. This GTA, unlike the one I attended a few years ago, will be run by NoTosh under the direction of Ewan McIntosh, the founder of TeachMeets up in Scotland. An astute educationalist, Ewan, and his team, have redesigned the Google Teacher Academy to incorporate their extensive work in adopting design thinking into schools.

gct badgeWhen I became a GCT, it was inspiring and exciting. I joined new communities of teachers from all over the world and learned a lot about making technology work in the classroom. After a while, I became a little jaded at my involvement with the GCT community. My school had other things to focus on and they pay my bills. Google Apps for Education, however, has remained at the forefront of my teaching toolkit. Google are good at making things work. Their core products are reliable and offer features that other web tools do not. At first approach, I was not sure whether or not to accept this invitation.

For me, there is an ethical dimension to being a cog in the wheel – however minor – of Google’s commercial drive that is changing what we understand as privacy and ultimately making a massive global corporation more… massive. So, I thought about it and landed here. Indeed, Google are a massive corporation that line already wealthy people’s pockets with more cash, but they are also slave to the marketplace. This forces them to provide excellent services that are fit for purpose. To schools, these services are free. There is a lot to consider and I am not sure whether or not the answers – the truth – will be attainable in this respect. I will investigate this further. For now, I have faith in the power of the web – you and me – to champion a cause and keep Google on the straight and narrow. Further to this, NoTosh have created Mentor roles to help graduating GCTs to make a difference in their schools by working in small teams of half-a-dozen to effect change within their primary communities. This latter point is why I am on board.

Would you like to apply? It will be fantastic! Here’s the application form. Deadline is soon: 22/09/14. What are you waiting for? If you’d like to discuss anything about it, get in touch right now.

Google Teacher Academy London 2014

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