Today in Digital Education

The TIDE is nigh

Talk is cheap. In fact you can record whatever it is you’re saying and deploy it on the web. In a podcast…

TIDEtalks was born on Sunday, 8th March 2015 . It is a recording of me talking about Digital Education with my mate Dr Doug Belshaw, man of Mozilla and many other talents, including Open Badges and Digital Literacies. If you know me online, then you probably know Doug too. We like to talk tech and, at least in TIDEtalks, we try to keep it educentric. Doug and I approach things in different ways and, in my mind, it makes for some interesting conversation. So, we thought we’d make it a regular thing and share it online in case anyone might think the same. There are show notes below the audio so you can get an idea of content before committing yourself to this aural assault.

Any thoughts you have about how we might steer this ship would be great to hear on here or twitter or facebook or wherever. If you are dealing with something you suspect Doug and I might lend an ear to, please knock on our virtual door, or ring the bell.

Today in Digital Education

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