My Presentation on Google from #EducationFest 2015

I come to bury Google, not to praise them

Here are the slides from my talk earlier this week. At the beginning of the talk, I shared a blank Google presentation with my Year 10 class back in Oundle. They worked on the slides during the talk, answering the question: How will technology help solve the world’s biggest problems? The stimulus material for their work is a newspaper article from 2014, the four biggest threats to the world right now. A copy of their *live* slidedeck is embedded below, after my slides (thank you to these pupils – they are a pleasure to work with). At the bottom are all the links I referred to during the talk.

This is not the talk itself, but between the slides and this post, hopefully you’ll be able to get the gist. The slides include various uses of Google Apps for Education by pupils, but it is not a definitive list. Some of the work is messy but it is all real. The last few slides show how I started getting to know Google Sites by using them for personal things and then work related matters.

I wanted attendees to take away three main things:

  1. To be aware of tracking and data privacy issues, including the Google search algorithm.
  2. Actual examples of pupil work using Google Apps for Education, showing diverse usage in different subjects, hopefully inspiring some to try something new.
  3. Why Google tools are, in my experience, the best EdTech out there; they are very often usable as the glue that sticks learning and technology together. They allow empowerment (not giving power but enabling others to use theirs), sharing (sharing learning is important and includes, but is not defined by, collaboration) and reliability (a key ingredient for successful digital strategy).

How tech will help solve the world’s biggest problems

Links from presentation

Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s talk to celebrate the Web’s 25th birthday, where he discusses the filter bubble, and a crowd-sourced Magna Carta for the Web.

Doug Belshaw excerpt from TIDE podcast (Today In Digital Education) saying the three main reasons why you should take steps to protect your data. The soundcloud includes several other links to related information.

Check out your own Google location history on this link.

The Do Not Track website including excellent short documentary videos being made this year, explaining how we are all tracked and manipulated.

Two books were referred to: Multipliers and Nudge.

Today In Digital Education podcast that Doug Belshaw and I record on a weekly basis.

The talk exceeded the end of the lesson at school. One pupil turned the instant messaging chat on at the side of the shared presentation during my talk and asked if they could continue editing the slides instead of going to Chapel for singing practice. This was a warm moment in my presentation as the audience unanimously granted his request.

As I mentioned at the festival, if you would like to talk to me about using GAFE in your classroom, please do get in touch here or on twitter.

My Presentation on Google from #EducationFest 2015

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