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Today I am working with the Digital Leaders (most of whom are pictured above having what I am told is called a *cheeky Nandos* after we visited the National Video Game Arcade – where I did this) working on their sub-group projects, which include:

Pupil Screencasts

Making instructional 60 second videos to inform pupils about the services we provide in our digital ecosystem and how they might benefit from know how to, for example, connect to any printer in the school from anywhere in the world (via Citrix), so pupils may print from home or boarding houses.

Digital Radio Program

At School we have an excellent live broadcast radio station (OSCAR) and three of the DLs are tasked with making a weekly 15 minute segment to share news and views and answer pupil queries about tech.

Video Camera Equipment

We are in the process of acquiring video equipment to enable high quality slow motion video and support the creation of high production value digital media in all areas of the School. One DL is particularly keen on this and is studying video as part of his EPQ, so he is tasked with sourcing and understanding our requirements so the right purchase can be made.

Teacher Training

Three DLs are going to explore possible ways of helping teachers to use technology in teaching and learning, with an aim to delivering the training. They researching platforms like Google Apps for Education, Wolfram’s Computational Document Format, and anything else they think might be of value.

Theatre Trailers

The School is blessed with the wonderful Stahl Theatre, which hosts many school productions and professional touring companies. The theatre would like to create promotional trailers for school productions, akin to those made by their professional counterparts. Two DLs, with an interest in theatre and video editing, are busy scrutinising video made by others to see what they can bring to the table. Not as simple as it sounds because organising filming of snippets of a play before sets and costumes and rehearsals are complete is not a simple process.

The DLs are collaborating within their sub-groups using Google Docs. They share it with me so I can monitor their progress and see how their ideas are developing. They are a great bunch of pupils with different skills. I am looking forward to seeing which of them brings their projects to fruition. A couple of them have a twitter account for another project they are doing, trying to shove a satellite into a can. Why not follow their progress?

Digital Leader Projects

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