Running To Thailand

I have joined a team of people based at Oundle School aiming to run 5,924 miles in six months. It is the distance to the Rainbow House orphanage in Bangkok, where our organiser is taking a party of Oundelians to visit. The orphanage is one of the projects run by CCD Thailand (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities). Whilst I have not visited the orphanage myself, I went to Bangkok 18 months ago and was struck by significant difference between my life and that of many Thai people living in this megacity. The next visit will be the second the School has made. Our connection is via Gordon Montgomery, Head of Community Partnerships at Oundle. He used to teach in Bangkok for many years. To be a disabled orphan in such a place must be very difficult and the opportunities to improve quality of life offered by Rainbow House seems a more than worthy cause for me to engage my feet.

I used to run a lot. Now I do not. I have 50 miles under my belt as I have been getting back into shape before the winter months kick in. You can see my tally grow on this google sheet, and photo evidence of my runs here.

Adding miles to the tally is much easier than adding money – if you are able to spare some, please donate via the team page:

Here I am, in the sun, post afternoon run!

And, in case you are wondering, all miles so far have been barefooted. I am interested to see how deep into winter my naked feet can bear…

Many thanks for your donation and support. I will keep posting updates as the miles keep passing under my feet. I would really appreciate you passing this on to anyone you feel would like to contribute to the cause.

Dai x

Running To Thailand

3 thoughts on “Running To Thailand

  1. Mark Worthington says:

    Well done Dai! Will donate to such a good cause. If you need a run buddy give me a shout (I WON’T be barefoot!) as I too are getting back into running!

    1. Thanks, Mark – I am a bit of a solo runner I am afraid – I guess it means my pace is only defined by me/the narrative in my head.

      Your donation is very much appreciated – thank you! And good luck getting out the door.

  2. John Richard BARNES says:

    Happy to support Dai Barnes making a good contribution towards the Running to Thailand event. Go for it Dai!!

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