ICTinSubjects PortFolio: Embedding a wall into Google Sites

Lino.it embedded in Google Site


I am busy trying to construct a template using Google Sites as PortFolios for pupils to showcase their progress of the ICT learning we will embark upon via other subjects. There will be no physical space to store work and each class will have ICT lessons from either of the two ICT teachers and potentially six other subject specialist teachers throughout each year. There is a lot to discuss about PortFolios, but for now I thought others might like to see this embed in Google Sites at work.

Initially I tried using http://popplet.com/ and embedding a page that PortFolio visitors might use as a feedback wall to leave a comment for the pupil. However, popplet are having trouble creating code compatible to GSites. So, I thought of Lino.it – (http://linoit.com/). [the note in the middle of the LinoIt pictured is the popplet exported as a *.jpg file] LinoIt embeds straight into the Google Sites page HTML block. What’s more visitors can add a sticky note to the lino without leaving the Google Site.

Use Lino directly in the Google Sites page embed

I am still thinking through how the Google Sites PortFolio might be used for visitor and collaborator comments, pupil reflections etc. Google forms is a strong contender for the peer review to facilitate the learner amending work in light of evaluative comments made by others (the audience). When a guest comment in made it is published immediately. This might be problematic because inappropriate and spam comments can be made. However, when anyone else posts to the canvas, an email is automatically triggered so the learner is notified and the comment can be deleted.

If you are using Google Sites as a portfolio I would love to hear from you.

A quick demo of how to embed LinoIt into Google Sites is given in the video below.


ICTinSubjects PortFolio: Embedding a wall into Google Sites

Email reply creates Comment in Google Docs

Okay. This is pretty cool functionality…

It starts like this:

Comment in Google Doc

Google Text Doc. You highlight some text and insert a comment which appears down the side. Nothing happens. The comment sits there and that’s about that really.

Highlighted text from the GDoc with the comment below it, delivered via email

But, when someone replies to your comment. It triggers an email to the original commenter. You can see the original comment I made: *this is a bit vague*

Reply to the email to send comment reply

If you reply to that email the message body becomes the next response in the GDoc comment thread.


Comment conversation in Google Doc

Simple and awesome. After I tweeted this, Mark Allen replied with a similar feature:

Mark AllenMark Allen ‏ @EdintheClouds

@daibarnes Students share Docs comment-only with teacher. Teacher’s interventions and student’s response visible in revision history. #awesome


Google Apps for Education offer some great tools that can really boost your teacher or learner workflow! None of these big systems are perfect but if you cherry pick the best features as learning tools, you can end up with a great pedagogical toolset.


Email reply creates Comment in Google Docs

ICT in Subjects Planning Website

Homepage for ICT in Subjects
ICT in Subjects Planning Website - click image to view


If you have been following these early posts for the ICT in Subjects project, you may realise I am a bit daunted by all the planning that will be necessary to make a success of it. To help me stay organised and allow others – inside and outside school – to monitor progress of the project, I have created a Google Site to curate all ideas and thoughts.

If you would like to comment or contribute to the site, please email me to request access.


There is a lot to do and I will be aiming to keep it simple.

So far the site has these pages:

ICT in Subjects Planning Website

Surveying subjects for ICT skills

piecing together the take-off
piecing together the take-off

Below is a form for Heads of Departments to fill in with information about the unit of work they teach each half term. What do you think? Is this a good move or will it turn teachers off? Too much work? There will be six pages on the finished form; one per half term. Is it too much? Should it just be unit title and the notes questions on what should be taught? The aim is to start introducing participants to core ICT skills as well as gather information, but maybe that is wrong. Maybe that might work against me.

All comments gratefully received.

Confused? What is ICT in Subjects?

Thanks to Ian Guest for pointing out I had not specified the year groups: Year 7 and Year 8 initially.

Image courtesy of: Maynard CC

Surveying subjects for ICT skills