DELL discontinuing normal screens – widescreen ONLY

DELL discontinuing XGA displays – all laptops will be WXGA – widescreen!

Below is the response from our Latitude product manager. It is not good news unfortunately, but does prove that the move away from the non-widescreen will be market wide and is not driven by Dell or any computer company but the glass manufacturers themselves.

Please see below:

Glass manufacturers are significantly scaling back on 4:3 ratio glass that it is very difficult to source in volume. Note that 95% of all the glass in the world for both LCD TVs and computer panel are made by 5 companies ( 3 Taiwanese and 2 Korean) TVs are sourced and sold in billions, computer screen in 10s of million – I’m sure you have not seen a standard ratio TV screen in a long time. Indeed in the year the LCD panel manufacturers will further transition all LCD screens from current 16:10 format to 16:9 format to meet the broadcasting requirements of HD TV. I don’t know anything about this SIMs program but if this is the case I would suggest that the vendor will have to move to a wide screen format in the not too distant future.

DisplaySearch stopped publishing reports of 4:3 vs wide in 2006 and even then the mix was 80/20% mix in favour of wide

DELL discontinuing normal screens – widescreen ONLY

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