ICT Prefects at School

I have decided to create the post of ICT Prefect for my most diligent ICT students (6th Formers).

I have had a special school tie made for the prefects which is distinct from all other school ties but includes the school crest. The ties will be awarded in whole school assembly by the Headteacher after a short outline of the project by me.

The post will entail giving them responsibility to:

  1. Run ICT Clubs in one of their specialist areas
  2. Supervise Middle and Upper School pupils in the ICT rooms during lunch
  3. ICT support for teachers and students; all members of the school will be able to call on them for help and advice with computer problems
  4. Moodle; I will train them in the basics of using Moodle and they will be able to provide training and support to teachers
  5. Interactive Whiteboards; I will train them to troubleshoot basic IWB problems so teachers may call on them if having difficulty with their IWBs.
ICT Prefects at School

3 thoughts on “ICT Prefects at School

  1. Colin Becker says:

    A great idea. Our recently retired Head of ICT (Senior School) started up “IT Angels” about two years ago. Their role was to mentor members of staff in specific software. It worked quite well with the Headmaster having an IT Angel for a while. In the end, we had more IT angles than we needed, basically due to staff not having time to be mentored or not realising that they neede help (or maybe even because they weren’t committed to using IT in their teaching). I think the program went into receivership because of this. A pitty, really.
    Good luck with your prefects, I hope your staff will value their skills and make use of them (and that you will write update posts about how they are going).

  2. daibarnes says:

    That’s interesting that it faded out Colin. I have bought 50 ties (minimum purchase) so I hope it will run for a few more years. I hadn’t thought of assigning them to individual teachers – seems like a good idea. What I really want to achieve is that the boys feel a sense of grandeur about their positions because it is sadly the first time all but one of them has been awarded anything in nearly seven years (no ties or certificates). However, if I can get them doing something useful in the meantime I will.I’ll also be keeping a careful reign on them after your cautionary tale.

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