Seven things about me

Monty (thegriffinster) has challenged me to provide seven items of interest about me (here are his). Not normally something I’d go for but a good twitter friend so here goes…

1. Dai is not my real name. I was born on March 1st and hence christened David because it is St David’s day. St David is the patron saint of Wales. From birth I have been called Dai Bach; Welsh for little David (so I am led to believe). I was called Digger when I lived in Newcastle after Digger Barnes on TV show Dallas (I was 8) by my geordie teachers and friends. My cousins still call me this and I have a brass zippo with Digger engraved on it as a 21st present from friends at University. My family (children) call me Dai.

2. I play guitar and sing to a remarkably low standard but have done a few gigs in university and schools and around London.

3. During my A Levels I started to play bass guitar in a band. Long hair and wide brimmed hats; recording studios and youth club gigs. We broke up to go to university but Laurence (Loz) Hardy went on to form Kingmaker who were relatively very successful (top 15 in single and album charts) but ultimately crashed and burned.

4. Smoking. I smoke and shouldn’t. Roll-up cigarettes. About 12 a day.

5. I am a middle child (of three boys) and therefore foolishly competitive, sadly even with my own children.

6. I once ran a small business doing DIY for clients in their homes carrying all my tools on my bike. I built a mini staircase, installed low voltage lighting and other handyman jobs.

7. When I qualified as a teacher I moved to London and did supply teaching in some of the most difficult schools London has to offer including Geoffrey Chaucer in the Elephant & Castle and Kingsdale School in Dulwich. Working in the difficult schools meant I got a lot of work but the days were hard. To quote one of the deputy heads I worked with “What do you mean teachers? I just want ten bodies to stand in front of a class” when speaking to the supply agency 20 minutes before school was due to start.

Rules of the seven things I didn’t know about you…
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Seven things about me

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