LiveScribe. Good? Bad? Worth it! 24 June 2009


I bought a LiveScribe pen and dot paper that goes with it. Arrived yesterday. I was really excited about this *toy* because I have been looking for something that would put Maths onto my VLE and struggling to come up with the right answer (see earlier posts).

I bought a bundle with a couple of extra notebooks and nibs. £220.00. Not cheap. But if it works it will be an asset. If I can get other teachers using it then it becomes very cheap in the wider scheme of things.

Today I visited Felsted school by invitation from @nickdennis (Assistant Head) hosting the Haileybury ICT Meeting this year (HODs and technicians and Directors). @dajbelshaw was the keynote speaker presenting Open Source Schools.

As an experiment, I used the livescribe to make notes and record Doug speaking. It gives an idea of what using the livescribe might be like in a classroom where a pupil is taking notes through a didactic or discussion lesson, where the teacher might have the intention of uploading the recording for others to use (revision, clarification, missed lesson).

Below is the embed from LiveScribe online. See it in it’s automatic upload site here

You can make it full screen and switch pages. Click on any word to hear what was being said at the time it was written. Change the *ink* settings to be on or to appear as if being written to index the audio – your choice.
The audio is a bit poor. I was sitting about 5 metres from Doug.

Probably would suit a more intimate smaller meeting but will be great for complex Maths and Science equations with teachers or pupils discussing what they are doing at each step of the equation. Results uploaded and embedded into Moodle course (guest access) or forums as support for others.

LiveScribe. Good? Bad? Worth it! 24 June 2009

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