A week ago I broke my iPhone out of jail 20 April 2009

A week ago I broke my iPhone out of jail

I don’t like the jail that Apple have made. Looking forward to iPhone3.0 OS because they have rectified some of their mistakes.

Still legal I think.

Now instead of running App store (which still runs same as it ever was with iTunes etc) I use an app called Cydia.

The things I do with jailbreak that might make a difference:

  1. xGPS – tomtom turn talking satnav type app. Not used it on the road yet and it says not to use it whilst (you’re) driving but I’ll see if it’s better than GPS on Google maps.
  2. QIK – take video and stream it live to the internet should I want to. Great for spontaneous work in and out of the classroom. http://qik.com/daibarnes
  3. NemusSync – syncs my GCal with my iPhone Cal. Easily.
  4. RemindYou – Puts event list on my lock screen so I see the days events as soon as I press the power button. Intelliscreen – this looks better actually. Shows events and unread email etc. Means it is easier to quick check mobile notifications so you don’t appear to be such a mobilephonaholic. ($9.99) RemindYou is free!
  5. Five icon dock – squeezes another icon onto the dock. Nice.
  6. PdaNet – enables any machine with the client installed to use iPhone 3G to connect to internet. Needs a wire on Windows. Not sure on Macs.
  7. Docs – allows me to read MS files of all types. Requires OpenSSH to do this which I haven’t installed yet but plenty of tutorials available.
  8. Categories – arrange icons into folders so you don’t have pages and pages of icons on the springboard. Most I’ve installed are just for fun so I only keep the regular ones on the springboard (iPhoneword for desktop). Bit slow to load but works for those rarely used apps.
  9. Winterboard – installs themes onto iPhone. You can do full themes or just minor tweaks (my preference). I don’t do much here. Invisible dock bkgd. Solid black title bar at top of screen.
  10. Make It Mine – changes the operator signal from ‘O2 – UK’ to your choice.
  11. Backgrounder – once installed, hold home key to make the running app keep running whilst you do something else. Most people recommend this for IM (instant messaging) apps which I don’t use. However, when I’m using my phone I want to do more than sit and wait for pages to load so I can use backgrounder to keep safari running whilst I go back to my email or SMS for 10 seconds or so (I am a bit sad aren’t I).
  12. AptBackup – backs up the cydia apps.
  13. MxTube – downloads youtube videos. Good for London, on tube with intermittent signal, or anywhere with dodgy mobile reception.

I understand that some people are nervous about jailbreaking. So was I. The jailbreaking was fine but it did go wrong. Last Saturday I got carried away and installed far too many apps and one of them  usurped my phone so I couldn’t turn a call off. Not sure which one because as I retraced my steps it did not fix the problem. :O(

However, it did force me to un-jailbreak it and start again. Much quicker this time around because I wasn’t nervous. Un-jailbreaking was easy but if you want to go back to a clean install you must remove quirky settings. My logo operator stayed as the customised one despite the fact I went back to a clean machine (just the way I bought it – nice). Easy to fix but you need to know.

Others are worried about voiding warranty. Well I don’t know about that. You can put it back to how it was but if something is damaged it is a whole world of hurt and not one I’m ready for but the iPhone is contracted for another 17 months so I best look after it. If something goes terribly wrong then I’ve got my old phone etc…

A big plus for jailbreaking (or should I say my stupidity at having to unjailbreak) is you get to play about with restoring things. I had to put all my apps back on which iTunes did for me very politely.


once jailbroken, your iPhone behaves in exactly the same way it did before. Unless you tell it to do something differently.

Cydia: Sometimes, after you have searched and located an app you want and click to install (same as app store) the process times out. You have to reload cydia and do it again. Best to make sure you have good signal strength. It will work so don’t give up. Finally, remember to check any cool apps you find on the web. If they have been signed by a source you trust (eg BigBoss) then don’t worry. As teachers are on twitter, jailbreak iPhone app developers are on their forums so you have a quick look through them and see what works.

Aside from these bad news things, all the other stuff is good. I’m one week into jailbreak and functionality is improved – especially calendar syncing and events displaying on the locked screen.

Ask a question if you have one.

Intelliscreen is really awesome. Paid the $10 as soon as I had it set-up and working. You can scroll your events and new mail on the locked screen. Quick easy stuff. You can do RSS display on it as well. I wonder if I could set it to read my twitter friends timeline???

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A week ago I broke my iPhone out of jail 20 April 2009

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