The Challenge: Spreading ICT throughout a school 15 April 2009

The Challenge: Spreading ICT throughout a school

I was inspired to write this by Kerry Turner as a response to her blogpost engaging-teachers-in-the-use-of-ict.

This is my response (and a bit more) to the difficult question:

…to continue the theme of *partnerships* started in #ETRU ( and on twitter, I think it is vital you go in singing the right song from the start. The mistake that I made in my current post (my first independent school) was to claim I had the answers to the call of delivering ICT for every teacher. There is no straight answer to this than to make ICT enthusiasm as part of the appointment criteria in a new school.

My experience tells me, right or wrong, that you need to persuade your new Headteacher/Governors to give a proportionate number of teachers some non-contact time to be ICT champions (or a more professional term that indicates responsibility). It may be two, three or four lessons per week given in recognition of the development of good practice that they can then liaise with others around the school to share, exactly as Jose has done for the MFL department.

The posts should be spread around curriculum areas (one for big core departments with smaller depts grouped according to ICT use). You should also use the ICT strategy group (or equivalent) to assess each of these positions annually so as to avoid slackers. It might be an idea to propose this as a three year model due to be evaluated and reviewed.

This is a brief and probably crude model. The *answer* is most likely to be a mixture of a number of things including ICT champions. However, I think it is vital that schools start paying teachers to develop good ICT-in-the-classroom practice. The easiest way to do this is to offer a few non-contact lessons per week to displace the time it takes to refine ICT practice in the classroom. Responsibility points could be offered but they are politically cumbersome. Non-contacts can be given for an academic year and reviewed when it’s time to set the next timetable and teacher quotients need to be re-jigged.

There are many other ways of developing the classroom use of ICT in a school. These would still apply. But it is about time those signing cheques stopped giving the job to one person and recognised the need to create a team of ICT users with a strong leader.

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The Challenge: Spreading ICT throughout a school 15 April 2009

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