Moodle Database Photo Competition

EdTechRoundUp TeachMeet 2009 Presentation


This is my presentation for TeachMeet EdTechRoundUp 2009. I chose this topic because I wanted to show something pupils had used and that others might not have seen in action before. Therefore, this fitted my bill of being interesting for the new tech teacher and the more experienced.

Useful and relevant links:

My school Moodle:

My sandpit Moodle: (please feel free to create an account)

Moodle FAQs on database activity:

Search youtube for other screencasts on using the Moodle Database Activity Module

TMETRU bookmarks

Please use the comments to discuss any classroom ideas or success stories you have had with the Moodle Database Activity. Or share your ideas on twitter with the #TMETRU hashtag.

Moodle Database Photo Competition

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