Google making trouble 5/365 tag: edtech3652010

One of my old pupils came in to see me today brandishing this phone and a big smile. With Googles Nexus One being spectacularly undisclosed today, I am wondering if it will be better than the iPhone? The iPhone is a lovely device to use but has serious flaws that inconvenience my working life. Speed to access data for example. I, like a child, want it there and then when busy with many things. Multi-tasking is rubbish. Too rubbish to tolerate at times. Balance of hardware and functionality. I don’t want to have to jailbreak my phone but I have to to get the most out of it.

The picture is the HTC G2. The Hero is better according to the owner of this one. Nine screens that can display data. Now that is multi- tasking I can work with, or, that will work for me.

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Google making trouble 5/365 tag: edtech3652010

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