Teacher learns about ClassTools.net – words = games

Sarah-Jane Sorohan, a Latin teacher in my school, stopped me in the staff room and asked how she might find a great site to go with the Oxford Latin course like the one she had found for the Cambridge course (KS3). I had a quick look at the site on her laptop and mentioned contentgenerator.net. I rushed off to teach thinking I must follow that up. A couple of weeks later Sarah-Jane was in the ICT rooms using ClassTools.net with Year 8. A big smile emerged as she told me about her find.

The baby image is creative commons from flickr, user BadrNaseem. Sarah-Jane is about to go on maternity leave and I liked the double meaning with her ICT baby steps

The video below is a quick interview (set-up and filming took 20 minutes) we did. It’s an attempt to showcase her journey from the original website to an excellent use of technology in the classroom. It is great that Sarah-Jane achieved this without support.

Finally, a big thank you to Russell Tarr (@russeltarr) because he made the fantastic classtools.net!

Forgive the shaky video – everything was done first take. I used a Creative Vado to film this. Nice little camera which is cheaper than a flip and nicer to hold.

Teacher learns about ClassTools.net – words = games

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