41/365 As I kneel before you

The hymn we sang in assembly this morning has a Latin chorus. This is the only contact I have with a language all my children are learning. The blessings of a northern comprehensive education did not deem it necessary. Latin has great value in understanding the roots of words, which in turn informs you about history and the evolution of people through language. Is it surprising we play scrabble and enjoy crosswords in our house?

I have no idea how to pronounce these words and have to wing it by listening to others and lowering my voice.

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41/365 As I kneel before you

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  1. Chris Eastwood says:

    I agree. I actually sat Latin ‘A’ level, and, far from putting me in a certain category of ‘Classicist’, it has helped me greatly understand music within the Church and to make me the Scrabble champion that I am today.

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