Spreeder: speed reading

Spreeder - speed reading done for you

This post is from a couple of years ago but I still use this tool when I’m feeling tired but I want to get through some reading. It is really good for long blogposts and the 75 reports I’ve just finished had my eyes turning away from my screen. This freshened the whole thing up – if you’ve not tried it I recommend you pick an article, copy the text and paste it in here. What’s to lose?

I came across SPREEDER via @Documentally on twitter.

It strikes me as an excellent tool to get pupils reading large quantities as well as helping them to learn to speed read it may well be great for learning. People often complain reading on screen is a chore and many people print long documents to read hardcopy.

A comprehension test of any content would be well served in all subjects by this delivering the text via spreedr. Just drag the bookmarklet into the links on your browser, select the text and click to start. Or, copy and paste the text into the spreedr window.

In class, this could spark an element of competition which may help improve pupils productivity. It certainly helps me read a lot faster.

Have a go and let me know what you think.

Anyone interested in writing a Chrome app for this tool? #justsaying

Spreeder: speed reading

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