My Mac and me. But why?

I did it. After XX years as an ICT teacher I caved and spent money I haven’t got on a MacBookPro.

Apple with your coffee?
Apple with your coffee? CC by re-ality on flickr

So far, what do I like?

  • hardware is better quality and it all relates to operating system. Magnetic power lead is so clever I could write a thesis on it.
  • all the software I require downloaded really quickly.
  • it installed even faster (no I mean really fast).
  • it opens and closes at great speed. No waiting around.

Things I don’t like?

  • cost. I just spent a whole bag of cash.
  • preciousness. I am concerned about scratching it. I don’t like that feeling and tend to avoid it with all things. My car is 17 years old and looks it and I like it more with age.

I am looking forward to living with my Mac and learning its ways. Even if they remain the ones listed above, I will be happy I bought it.

My Mac and me. But why?

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