AudioNote Files: audio note test

Everything underneath this text has come from the audio note app I
bought on the iPad. Testing to see how it transfers onto Posterous.

Title: audio note test
Location: Home
Created: 5 January 2011 18:57:49
Modified: 5 January 2011 19:00:15

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saving them to disk.

Download now or preview on posterous

audio_note_test.pdf (9 KB)

Click here to download:

audio_note_test.html (42 KB)

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audio_note_test.txt (0 KB)

Download now or listen on posterous

audio_note_test.caf (805 KB)

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AudioNote Files: audio note test

2 thoughts on “AudioNote Files: audio note test

  1. The original email sends four files. It looks like it won’t be easy to reconcile them into one text audio combo file and will only be useful on the native app. Big disadvantage compared to LiveScribe.

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