Social Networking in Schools

social media servicesI have been asked to prepare some notes on social networking in schools for the ICT T&L Committee to discuss. I will make a short presentation on the issues it throws up and it’s innovative use. Below is a link to the notes I am preparing that I will share prior to the meeting. I would really appreciate your comments on what I have written and how it could be improved. I am aiming (and possibly failing) to keep it brief but cover the main points for those not familiar with social networking beyond media reports.

The document.

Currently, social networking sites are banned on the network.

Image from MattHamm on flickr

Social Networking in Schools

6 thoughts on “Social Networking in Schools

  1. artpod says:

    The google doc on social networking in schools is good @daibarnes looking forward to hearing of the progress it makes in the t&l committee

    1. artpod says:

      @daibarnes I’ve experimented with classroom use where I login/out of a number of accounts, bit of extra work but easy to monitor.

    2. artpod says:

      @daibarnes and then there’s also the social networking functions within walled garden VLEs or is that not part of this debate?

        1. artpod says:

          Fair enough @daibarnes and I’ll be interested in the results. I’m definitely borrowing/saying “facilitating innovation” 🙂

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