FUD: myths about Google Apps for Education


There are some who worry about GAfE. They often do not use the suite of apps. Should you be interested in understanding the myths that are written and said about Google Apps, read this blog post: http://henrythiele.blogspot.com/2010/11/roadblocks-in-deploying-google-apps-fud.html

Google Apps, for me, provide an essential part of working online because they draw together lots of services. We need to be careful about our data and relying on one monolithic organisation but Google provides a superb service and an amazingly useful and usable set of collaborative tools. They are not perfect but they are brilliant.

FUD: myths about Google Apps for Education

2 thoughts on “FUD: myths about Google Apps for Education

  1. That blog misses one particular issue about GAfE – I have never been able to get any support or speak to anyone at Google about their product. As much as I loath some of Microsofts products I only have to sneeze in their general direction and I get loads of people to talk to. That makes a difference for me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your comment Brian.

    I have to say I have received replies from Googlers regarding Google Earth licensing which is the only inquiry I have made. As a Google Certified Teacher I have access to certain Google groups that can help me with any issues I have. But this is not helpful to you and others in your position.

    This is a concern. I can only recommend two courses of action:

    1. Have you looked at the online training Google provide? (http://edutraining.googleapps.com/)

    2. If ever you are stuck with something, let me know and I’ll try my best to find the answer.

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