What do we want from school technology? Dear Santa.

computer says yes!

Having read @jamesmichie‘s post Beware Walled Garden’s Part 1, I was unable not to comment.


I am currently writing the review of my school’s ICT strategic plan and aiming to incorporate some ambitious yet simple milestones that might underpin my belief that schools must embrace managed systems and not (please, no, never) locked down systems. OFSTED agree via research they did in 2007. A locked down system is one whereby the ICT team prevent every possible bad action they can from happening by locking the user out of specific functionality. This is backed up with arguments of risk. But I am yet to see proper risk assessment done. Please let me know if you know where there is any.

Dear Santa, in my model of school technology I would like a system that provides every user with a place they can locate their learning stuff. Help them to find and connect to each other within school and in all places they might be learning on the web. It must be in control of the teacher on one hand, and in the control of the pupil on the other. It must facilitate innovative methods of working and learning. Nothing should be excluded by default.

Yours, Dai

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What do we want from school technology? Dear Santa.

2 thoughts on “What do we want from school technology? Dear Santa.

  1. Dave Stacey says:

    Blimey. You don’t want much do you?!?!

    My gut instinct is to say what you need is the web. Provide online access to student storage, then simple machines that simply allow web access.

    Obviously, that’s way to simple, but I think that would be my starting place.

    You also might need to further define what you mean by ‘in control of the teacher’.

    Have you had a look at what Oliver Quinlan is doing with Google Docs? (http://www.oliverquinlan.com/blog/2011/04/06/collaborative-assessment-with-google-docs/) (read through some of the other posts as well)

    1. I agree Dave. The web being open in school is important. The teacher control idea is to allow the teacher of a specific learning area to bring the web in as they feel comfortable. The pupil control is to facilitate the use of their choice of tool and be able to bring that in, even if only through a forum link.

      The post is deliberately avoiding mentioning any specific tool because it’s essence is pedagogy and not prescription. Oliver’s work with GAfE is excellent. I’ll revisit it whilst we are off school.

      Thanks for your reply. 🙂

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