I kindle miPad

I have a kindle reader and an iPad with kindle app installed. I like both but don’t use my kindle much. A few of my colleagues have adopted the kindle with gusto, finding the price and the aesthetic and the new method of this reading platform appealing.

Image: Kindle iPad App

I bought a book t’other day and have read it only on the iPad over the bank holiday weekend. It has been a pleasure. I turned the brightness settings down and the background to ivory rather than white to make it easier on the eye. With these settings it has been ideal for me to read in bed, indoors or in the sunny garden (with brightness turned up to max). All good in the ever-increasing circles of finding the tech that suits you.

Image: Kindle App on iPad


At the moment, that is a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPad. Still I have the desire to get some non-Apple devices in my life. Most likely contender is the Google Chromium laptop being trawled around the Google community of late (I’m still waiting for my freebie from Google if they ever decide a UK user might enrich their testing process). If I am to buy it, it will depend on availability and usefulness when the time comes. For clarity, my iDevices are both jail-broken affording that extra bit of functionality provided outside of Apple’s app store.

I’ll hang on to my kindle for now because undoubtedly a member of my bookworm family will at some point want to give it a go. But it’s redundant at the moment. I’ve thought about offering it on loan to teachers in my school so they can get a feel for it themselves. Probably a good idea. Buy them a book they want to read and hand it over for a couple of weeks. Maybe the school should buy one or two for this purpose.

The reason I’m chirping about this is because I felt I had too many devices. All getting a bit over the top even for a pseudo-geek like me.

I kindle miPad

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