email on my mobile no more

locked outMy mobile is a vital part of my working life from dawn till dusk.

Until recently I was able to integrate my school email into the native mail client. This meant I was able to respond to mail no matter where I was. In my role with responsibility for ICT across the school this was very helpful because I could assist colleagues as quickly as my schedule would allow. It also meant that, from my mobile, I could send colleagues articles and websites (found via twitter and my RSS reader) pertaining to their subject.

Last Friday, my mailbox was migrated to Microsfot Exchange 2010 from 2003. The increased security controls of the Outlook Web Access client meant that policy could enforce greater security onto my handset. Before it had remote wipe and an agreed policy to have a four-digit passcode to unlock the device. After the email client upgrade I was only able to open my device with a four digit passcode that included three complex characters (capital letter, symbol, number and one other).

This meant I had to enter the complex passcode every time I wanted to check anything on my mobile. I lasted less than 24 hours before removing my school email from my mobile. This is a blow for my productivity.

Solution: access the webmail via safari on a home screen bookmark. Harder to read and will not replace the native method of distributing items of interest to my colleagues. Great shame. Too much security without any consideration of the user and how such services are used.

What security do you have for your mobile device (not work issued)?

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email on my mobile no more

4 thoughts on “email on my mobile no more

    1. Anonymous says:

      It is jailbroken but no solution to this security I can find yet. Anyway, to bypass it would be breaking school policy. Not advisable.

      Other point is if I can get it working that’s all good and well. But I need to be able to pass the workflow model onto others and, therefore, need it to adhere to policy and be straightforward to set up.

      Oh in another world…

  1. Our work email has IMAP/POP access as well as exchange so I pipe mine into a GMail account with 2-factor security enabled (which is more secure than the originating account!).  I can use this natively on my Android phone.

    I could also use the exchange client built into Android but I liked a common set of contacts and cloud access to all my past email.  Our county-issued mailboxes are far too small to hold more than a few weeks worth of email (no where near the 25Gb you get on Google Apps for Education!).

    1. Anonymous says:

      Nice idea. Unfortunately we have automatic forwarding switched off. You can forward (cc) email via rules in exchange after you have handled it but cannot forward the lot automatically. Used to do that for the same mailbox size restrictions that you did and before access to email on handsets was enabled. It also archived everything automatically so I was able to search it.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

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