Frog: Quick Issue Work guide

Below is video about Frog I made to help teachers see how quick issue work operates and how to set it up. Any advice or comments would be warmly received. Aim is to make videos usable by teachers who are cover the range of computer ability bases. I will be making many more instructional videos over the Easter remedy so any pointers would be beneficial before I proceed.


  1. Should I use captions and arrows?
  2. Should I do step-by-step rather than a demo?
  3. Should I use captions that say something like *now pause the video and go and try that step*?
  4. Should I put some muzak on?

Your comments would be warmly received. 🙂



Frog: Quick Issue Work guide

2 thoughts on “Frog: Quick Issue Work guide

  1. I think it’s a nicely done video!  Great stuff!  Personally-speaking, I’m always happy to pause as and when I need to when working alongside a video so mentioning to the viewers to pause is always a good reminder! 

    Great stuff

    1. daibarnes says:

      Hi James. Thanks for the reply and vote of confidence. I agree that some pause pointers might be useful. A colleague of mine suggested a mouse highlighter and being more explicit about where I am clicking and when. Also good advice. Pace seems good though which is key in busy teacher workflows.

      Cheers. 🙂

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