SketchUp to Blender Y10 pupil

I have a student who is learning how to use Blender.

Blender is awesome, open source and complicated. To get to know it takes time… so I challenged this Y10 student to learn about it and report back (hopefully so he could teach me :/). He has being doing so most weeks for over a year. He also writes about it on his blog –

For his 3D Design GCSE he had to create the initial ideas of a building – two of these had to be in Google Sketch Up. He saw an opportunity to apply his Blender skills to get the most out of his design – an epic result as he calls it.

  1. He exported the SketchUp file as a KMZ file.
  2. Changed the filename to a zip file.
  3. Unarchived it.
  4. In the old version of Blender v2.49, import as a collada 1.4 file.
  5. Once imported, save in the old Blender as a blend file type.
  6. Open in new Blender v2.62.
  7. Following a tutorial located on Blender, put the model into cycles and left it to render for 30 minutes.

The results are truly amazing. The Blender images take 30 minutes to render because the software is creating the quality image from the SketchUp model – if you click into the images you  can see how plausible the image is.




4 thoughts on “SketchUp to Blender Y10 pupil

  1. daibarnes says:

    The teacher who runs 3D Design GCSE has asked me if we could get two versions of Blender installed in the ADT computer room for next year so that students might all render their sketch up models into these high-def images. Another project to get my teeth into. 🙂

    1. Peter Kemp says:

      the portable version of blender is really good and will allow the students to use it in the library, at home etc. keeping all their files together. It’s only a few hundred megs and you might find it more useful for the students

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