Frog INSET: Rollout to all teachers

Frog arrives for St Benedict's teachers

This morning we ran a three hour INSET introducing all 82 teachers to Frog. Planning for this session may be read about here.  The video below shows the training materials developed to showcase Frog at the same time as providing learning guidance.

The training was a success with many compliments and positive feedback from our excellent staff. Much praise goes to our lead learner Frog Champions (six in total) who led one classroom each. But it wasn’t perfect…

Images of the resources used (click to enlarge, video at end of post shows more):

Section of the Frog Lesson Plan
Self-Evaluation and Feedback Form
Training website: A page of PDF resources
Training website: Example of video page

Successful things to note:

  • Videos were very well received;
  • Video annotations with arrows and text were important;
  • Sorting audio/headphones on all PCs was also important (all learners were silent and focused during training);
  • Keep the presentations to whole staff to a minimum – we did ten minute intro and fifteen minute plenary;
  • Differentiation was an absolute must – ours seemed to work well.
Things to improve upon:
  • Some of the resources were ordered incorrectly (d’oh!);
  • Some learners watched the video then did the activity rather than pausing. Clearer instruction required;
  • Some learners like badges (physical ones) and others do not;
  • Nearly all learners like mugs and lanyards are popular too;
  • Remember to set permissions on folders so learners do not accidentally move them;
  • More time; As a school staff we would have benefitted from more time to start creating resources and discussing how Frog will be used.

This is the first Frog INSET we will run. There is a planned dedicated session in September before it is launched with the pupils. Between now and then we will run workshops with staff wanting to achieve their aims for using the platform. But this was a big deal – first impressions count for a lot and I hope we have made a very positive impression on as many of our staff as we could. This was also my first time using Frog and it showed – a bit.


I would like to publicly thank the following who contributed in some way:

@frogtrade support staff (Edd! helped me via the support desk) – they were great – when we employed MoodleDo years ago, the relationship I developed after the bills were paid with Dan Humpherson was priceless – I get the feeling that similar support will happen with Frog (although Dan would fix any thing at any time as fast as he could possibly muster, far beyond the call of duty – he’s now working for the awesome and innovative Love Clean London);

Daniel Jennings who works for Frog;

Paul Benson, a Frog teacher/coordinator – just like me;

James Michie and David Didau for help clearing my head on learning objectives as discussed here;

Pete Lee, just left a Frog school for a new post but had some great ideas;

Steve Margetts, another Frog teacher/coordinator;

And, Frog Champion who looked over all the materials as fast as a text message could travel, David Brooks.

Overall, a good day. Positive. Result. There wasn’t enough time to discuss learning, but everyone was a learner for the day and seemed enthused by their new Frog.

Frog INSET: Rollout to all teachers

3 thoughts on “Frog INSET: Rollout to all teachers

  1. A HUGE amount of work, effort and application has gone into this and the FOCUS is spot on. Hope lots of people recognised this. The lesson planning tool looks really impressive.

    Keep on at it buddy.

  2. stevemargetts says:

    Dai, this looks to have been a brilliant day.  Many congratulations on taking the school forwards.

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