Surveying subjects for ICT skills

piecing together the take-off
piecing together the take-off

Below is a form for Heads of Departments to fill in with information about the unit of work they teach each half term. What do you think? Is this a good move or will it turn teachers off? Too much work? There will be six pages on the finished form; one per half term. Is it too much? Should it just be unit title and the notes questions on what should be taught? The aim is to start introducing participants to core ICT skills as well as gather information, but maybe that is wrong. Maybe that might work against me.

All comments gratefully received.

Confused? What is ICT in Subjects?

Thanks to Ian Guest for pointing out I had not specified the year groups: Year 7 and Year 8 initially.

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Surveying subjects for ICT skills

3 thoughts on “Surveying subjects for ICT skills

  1. Ian Guest says:

    It’s tough trying to find the balance between getting sufficient information to inform your next steps, without making onerous demands on HoDs Dai.  Although ICT through subjects isn’t something we’re considering (as far as I’m aware!), in order to map ICT experiences across the curriculum, I too have tried to gather similar information.

    I tried extracting the information from Departmental schemes of work, but it proved a mammoth task for one person, especially since different departments produce schemes of work in different formats, making the task of finding the data in the first place quite demanding. The degree of detail with which ICT activities are recorded also fluctuates from department to department. I’ve also tried a similar method to the approach you’re proposing here Dai. Unfortunately I found the data which came back too sketchy in many instances, even though we only asked people to focus on a single specific year group. (You don’t say whether the form above address all year groups or just a single one … or maybe just KS3?)

    I guess our task is slightly different to yours – we’re trying to find what ICT a student experiences across the curriculum and whether they’re getting sufficient breadth and depth. So with a partially complete picture from the data we’ve gathered so far, our next step will be to bring in the students and we’re currently exploring ways in which we can allow the information we need to surface from the activities the students undertake. This will hopefully help address a couple of issues: that not all ICT mentioned in SoW does indeed get delivered, and that much ICT the students undertake is done independently and doesn’t appear anywhere in our SoW … how do we acknowledge and build on those skills the students develop independently of us?

    Apologies for making that too much about our experiences; you asked about the form above. Two things:
    I’m not entirely sure whether you’ll get enough detail in the form to enable you decide which aspects of ICT (if any) fit with what is to be taught … though you may of course have had the opportunity to flesh things out in a staff meeting or elsewhere. (As you hinted elsewhere, it sounds like your colleagues are positively disposed to this development)
    Will the list of ICT skills be understood by colleagues? Are they ‘common sense’ and commonly understood by someone less comfortable with ICT? I suspect many of my colleagues would find it quite a demanding task.

    I guess gathering this data is only the starting point. An even tougher bit I suspect will be the discussions which will subsequently take place to plan the morphing of the curriculum? But exciting too!

    1. daibarnes says:

      Thanks for your reply Ian. It is enlightening to read about your experiences which will inform what I do at my school.

      The idea of putting the ICT strands in the form is to start increasing awareness in HoDs of what they are and hopefully bring clarity to the development of partnership projects between their subject and mine. But I do not wish to alienate them so I think removing them might be best, or maybe reducing them to the three top level categories (I haven’t included evaluating deliberately as it feeds through all the others). Experience tells me that if I ask for less input, or present less opportunities for confusion, I’ll get a better set of data. 

      Thanks again. 🙂

      1. daibarnes says:

        I have redeveloped the form to exclude the ICT skills following the above discussion. It is linked to here:

        Thoughts still welcome. 🙂

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