Northern Grid Conference 2012: I’m coming Home

I am delighted to have been invited to present at the Northern Grid Conference for Learning and Technology 2012 in Newcastle. Twitter feed for the conference is here.

There will be lots of excellent teachers and educators presenting and sharing classroom practice. I will be talking about – and showing examples of – peer review.

It is very important to help prepare young people for online life as well as offline. My focus is going to be on using peer review as a good starting point for replying to online posts – blogposts, tweets, facebook statuses, videos, animations – by encouraging pupils to be purposeful in their approach to their peers when reviewing their work. By using online tools to peer review, we can learn how to write constructively and critically. Similarly to teaching, empty praise can be as unhelpful as heavy-handed critique. It is important to be kind, be specific and be helpful (phrases *borrowed* from Ron Berger’s three public critique rules as cited on this excellent blogpost by Tait Coles).

The drive of my talk is that writing blogposts and tweeting – and the like – are only the start of building an online profile. Online productivity only comes when you start commenting and talking to others and develop the conversation; you build knowledge together and build invaluable connections. For me, it is this conversation that is authentically redefining learning. It is the source of motivation, engagement, and ultimately ignition into outer-classroom-space.



The links for my presentation are: I will link to my presentation once it is complete.

I hope all/some people in the audience take away three things:

  1. an idea of transformation (SAMR)
  1. confidence in peer review
  1. inspiration to try this tool or similar

I’m looking forward to meeting many new faces on Friday – back in the Toon where I lived for three formative years until I was ten. It will also be a great pleasure to catch up with familiar faces. Mines a pint.

Northern Grid Conference 2012: I’m coming Home

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