Creating Frog SOLO taxonomy rubrics

Frog training is here again! We have three sessions over the two opening INSET days and then fortnightly after-school directed time for the first half term. That is a total of nine hours training time.

There are a few questions I need to answer and this post addresses some of my thinking so far – your input is very welcome, be it to tweak what’s here or to start again.


  1. How to differentiate the training for every teacher?
  2. How to collate evidence of achievement?
  3. How do we best use the resources at our disposal?

1. Differentiation

My inclination is to use SOLO taxonomy as outlined here by Pam Hook and here on a handy MentorMob.

Here are my first attempt at the rubrics:

What do you think? Remember my aim is to make sense to the teachers participating in the training. An explanation of SOLO will accompany this rubric sheet. Comments welcome.

2. Collate evidence

The easiest way to exploit this opportunity may be to have a minimal expectation that each teacher screenshots everything they create and uploads that as evidence of their achievement to a Frog assignment. It might be better to ask them to paste all images into a presentation file and upload the single file. Obviously, the presentation file can be any they choose, and annotations and/or written comments are optional.

How would you feel if you were asked to do this by your school?

3. Resources

All training is delivered via instructional video as showcased here. We have seven ICT rooms and six Frog Champions. Last time each Champion was lead learner in one room, and each teacher logged into a pupil computer with the same training account. However, over the course of nine hours training, teachers will need to be at their own laptops. Since there is no WiFi in my school, and there are two separate physical domains, teachers can not use their laptops on the network anywhere other than at an allocated teacher network access point. So, is the best way forward:

A – lead learner Champion with teachers allocated to a pupil room (NB: a lot of their resources are already uploaded on Frog);


B – teachers go to their laptops (or teacher machine at front of each classroom) in their work areas (some communal, some private offices) and Champions float around the school discussing progress with their allocated learners.

I guess a blend of the two will emerge but we are most likely to start with model A because it is most effective to get people started working together. They might emerge into drop-in centres so individuals can choose their preferred working environment.


Your thoughts on all, or any aspect of this, are very welcome. Doing this stuff for all my colleagues always scares the marrow out of my bones.

  1. Is SOLO a good idea and are my rubrics ok?
  2. Is there a better way to collate evidence? Should we collate evidence of training achievements?
  3. Should we go for the classroom approach or let teachers learn independently in their own space?



Creating Frog SOLO taxonomy rubrics

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