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Following my attempt to create a website evaluation stamp, I have revised the idea to make a Google spreadsheet that pupils can copy and embed into their project website to record what sites they have used and why. The spreadsheet has notes that appear when you hover over each title to tell what you what is required in each column. Should the column not be appropriate, leave it blank. SImple. Or so I thought.

I tried this out in class and it was still not good enough. I printed out a table with these headings (and the notes) so each pupil could familiarise themselves with the process before one person from each group copied the site and embedded it for their research. But there were too many questions. Part of the tension running cross-curricular project-based learning is that you need to give the pupils time to develop their research and there is not sufficient time to learn the ICT element; in this case website bias, validity and reliability. Too much information possibly. I was throwing copyright in there too, and referencing. I’m creating confusion for the user. Is it for references or source crediting? Or is it for reliability of websites used?

Back to the drawing board once more. I will have to use the above for this project because I started and did not have time to review and change it as the cycle of lessons with each of the five classes in this year group passed complemented with the urgency of all things an inspection (running parallel) brings. Need to rethink it and start again with lessons learned.

Website Sources and References

5 thoughts on “Website Sources and References

  1. Things being squeezed a little too tightly Dai? Quart into a pint pot sorta thing?
    Just thinking quickly, but would it be possible to create a screencast, narrated to articulate how (and why?) one would undertake this kind of review? In that way, students would have a resource to which they could refer back, possibly reducing the number of questions they need to ask.
    Just a thought.

    1. daibarnes says:

      It’s a good idea Ian. One I have used elsewhere. But I think it is that the squeeze is too much. I will do this for this instance because I have committed to it and it will, as you say, help the pupils if confused. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Bob Rollins says:

    Does Diigo have a place here? Use agreed tags to denote artefacts? If I use Diigo web highlighter in Chrome, the predictive text system for tags seems pretty efficient to me and the library is exportable if you must get it into a tabular format. Or maybe Zotero? Dropdown lists might help if using a spreadsheet?

    1. daibarnes says:

      good idea in principle Bob but unfortunately, we use IE9 and pupils (or staff) are not allowed to install add-ons like diigo requires to be properly useful.

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