Computer Game Storyboard Design

I’ve just finished creating these resources – when I say creating, I mean copying from @dogtrax blogpost¬†with permission kindly given by Kevin – so I thought it a good idea to share it with others.

Two documents, made in MS Word and uploaded to Google Drive. In lessons, pupils will be able to use an online copy, an offline copy or a hard copy.

1. Storyboard design template with a table for the game design workflow designed by Kevin.

2. An exemplar of the storyboard design filled in.

I might amend these files after I have used them but I like the simplicity of it all. Once again teaching Scratch, I am surprised and pleased by how engaged so many pupils are. This year, the year eights have started by making their own PONG game by copying the script. Then onwards to PIMPING my PONG by improving cosmetics and gameplay and levels and other objects to bat around the screen and more sound effects. They will compose their own sounds using CuBase with their music teachers, and explore recreating sound effects like they do on radio plays. These will then be imported into their own games or animations. Hence the storyboard design tool above.


Computer Game Storyboard Design

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