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I remember watching a colleague copy and pasting her way through something or other and almost falling off her chair when I showed her CTRL+C and CTRL+V keyboard shortcuts.

ICT Tip of the week newsletter

There are loads of ways to make using a computer that little bit more ergonomic. And so, after another colleague exposed the absence in my knowledge of triple click to highlight a paragraph, I have decided to set up a newsletter using MailChimp (found via Doug Belshaw’s excellent newsletter, Things I Learned This Week).

  • I wanted an easy medium for teachers in my school to follow via email
  • I wanted something away from my blog
  • I wanted readers to be able to subscribe simply to the tips only
  • I wanted the tips to be cosmetically attractive
  • and only include one little tip, so take moments to digest

If you have a tip you think the teachers at my school – or any subscriber – might benefit from,┬áprobably┬ábecause you couldn’t live without it- please reply in the comments or on twitter? The tips are not meant to break any ground, but a vehicle for those little things that improve productivity and make work flow.

Did you check out the link for the newsletter? Here it is.

ICT Tips Newsletter

2 thoughts on “ICT Tips Newsletter

  1. Couldn’t live without Ctrl + A – especially when I see students manually deleting each email entry click by click.

    Increasingly being drawn to Windows + D to go nack to desktop (where I dump lots of files)

    Remind students of Ctrl + TAB on making tab spaces when working inside a table cell in Word

    Keep forgetting Shift + TAB to go back to 1st order bullet points when making 2nd order (or sub) bullet points in PowerPoint

    I’ll get my coat…

    1. daibarnes says:

      Is there a shortcut key for getting your coat?

      Many thanks for your suggestions Gideon – all of them worthwhile!

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