Giphy spices up staff communique

Following James Michie’s persistence on the distracting quality of giphy, I opened up the site and found myself bouncing around animated images for a while.


Some of them are awesome. And because I thought so, others might agree and included one in my weekly ICT Tip newsletter.

dog gif

The newsletter email was sent at 07:00. By 09:00, three people had said how much they liked the animated pooch! And one person said how much they liked the ICT tip. Go figure.

NB: interestingly, the person who liked the tip is an experienced user. Whereas the newsletter is aimed at beginner users, it seems it is helpful to untrained (self-taught – isn’t that pretty much all of us??) users too. Also, he said that he liked the fact the tip was only one thing at a time because it is easier to remember and bring into your skill-set.

However, the point is that a little bit of fun goes a long, long way.

Giphy spices up staff communique

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